The SWE-DISH DA150K Drive-Away is a unique concept for vehicle mount antenna systems. During transportation, you see an elegant looking car-box on top of a SUV or a van. At site, the antenna deploys gracefully, and automatically points towards the selected satellite. Within 10 minutes you are on air, transmitting your SNG contribution back to base. The DA150K system is your choice for Ku band high data rate and high power DSNG applications, from anywhere. 

The DA150K has a higher throughput than the smaller DA90K. Even this antenna has the Gregorian offset antenna for >80% efficiency gain. The terminal can be fully automated with GPS, electronic compass and leveling device. It has an outstanding track record for performance and reliability since the introduction in 1997.

The antenna system is extremely rugged, partly thanks to the slick design. The short feed arm gives an exceptional mechanical robustness and during transport the system is totally encapsulated in the pod to reduce wear and tear from brushes or dust.

Download DA150K Drive-Away Data sheet in PDF-format (PDF/307KB)

DA-150K Close DA-150K Car DA-150K Car

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