FA-150K Lite


The SWE-DISH FA150K Lite is designed to meet the IATA weight concept. The IATA compatible Fly-Away originates from the successful FA150K Fly-Away, where the cage and skid plate have been removed to decrease the overall weight even further and to enable repacking in separate IATA flight cases.

The lightweight antenna system is optimized for quick departure and to be airline checkable. Each case weighs less than 32 kg (70.5 lbs). Thanks to the Gregorian offset design the antenna has an efficiency gain of 80%.


- Airline checkable - designed to meet IATA weight concept
- Mobility
- Rugged and durable construction
- Quick set-up time
- Flexibility - Optionally use IPT Suitcase as a light, compact and fully integrated HPA and base-band package

Download FA-150K Lite Data sheet in PDF-format (PDF/32KB)
Download FA-150K Military Lite Data sheet in PDF-format (PDF/32KB)

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